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Doing Business in the Virtual World

Avatars that look like you

Take a picture for maximum resemblance, then edit your look!
A picture of a person next to a screenshot of the generated avatar that resembles it.

Many options to pick from

Make an avatar from scratch without needing a picture.
Rooms & Tools

Password-protected spaces.

Collaboration tools to present, inform and delight.
87% of executives agree digital twins are becoming essential to collaborate.
See the Accenture report

Simple controls

Explore and visit the locations that you choose.

Keep your privacy

Wherever you go, everything is ephemeral and tracking-free.
Send text-messages inside the app
Share information with users on any space without having to leave the application.
Share files with your peers
Once you upload a file, it will show on the screen and users will be able to download it.
Browse the web in-world!
Display any web-based content inside the app, and enjoy co-browsing with peers.

Teleporting is here!

A wayport is a ground structure you can use to teleport to other places.

Dynamic Teleportation

Coming soon: Just tell us where you want to go, we will do the rest!
See what you can do

Spaces coming to Wayports

An Expo Center like no other.

Host events and close deals faster.

Coming soon to Wayports, you will be able to design your trade show's floorplan, and decide on the number and sizes for your booths. This is a very exciting opportunity to host an event and sell booths at your own pricepoints.
An Auditorium for 2,000 people

A scale that is hard to match elsewhere.

Different configurations to accomodate people from 600 to 1,200 or 2,000. While the Expo Center features a small amphitheater for 300 people, our Auditorium building is designed for big presentations.
Offices for your teams

Built to perform.

Host up to 45 people in your private office, perfect for meetings or events as well as working together remotely.
The MacLane Library

A forever-free initiative to hold small events.

Soon you will be able to try our library environment, which will remain free forever, as a way to get started in Wayports. In there you will be able to book the space to hold small events for up to 30 people. The MacLane Library doubles as the ultimate website with news about companies within the community. Click here to visit it now!

For academic experiences of all kinds.

We are working on classroom environments such as this, with interactive screens and dynamic audio zones.

Securing digital assets in Wayports

With a Quantum account, you get your own cryptocurrency vault and the ability to earn/store Lilium, the cryptocurrency of Wayports. Get your Quantum vault now.
Wayports Racing League

A fun, game-based networking competition.

We play a simulated racing game called LiveForSpeed, using the free version in a casual setting on WRL2, and a more competitive outing on WRL Division 1 with the paid version of the game. The races are broadcast live on YouTube and through UCL TV to more than 80 million homes in Latin America. Visit the WRL site to know more!
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We are on Steam!

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Start now with the collaboration of tomorrow.